Repeater Mode and MU-MIMO


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Hi Guys

I have two questions regarding Asus GT-AC2900

  1. I have an Asus GT-AC2900 set up in Repeater Mode to an old AC66U (non-B1). It is set up to connect to the AC66U via 2.4GHz and then repeat on 2.4GHz and 5Ghz. But somehow I can only get a working internet connection using the 5GHz SSID.
    Using the 2.4 GHz on the repeater (GT-AC2900) I get an IP and I can ping websites and IPs using CMD. But no other apps in windows 10 or browsers have internet access. This happens whether the GT-AC2900 in connecting to the AC66U using 2.4 or 5 GHz.

  2. In the GT-AC2900 there is no enable/disable for Mu-Mumo. Only for explicit beamforning (whcich then disables MU-MIMO accodring to a pop-up). I was udner the empression Explicit beamforning in Wifi 5(wireless AC) worked independantly from MU-MIMO?. Is this setting didentical on Merlins FW?
    Thanks :)


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For MU-MIMO to function, it requires explicit beamforming...
Yes I know :) But Explicit beamforming can work independently from MU-MIMO. So why is there no enable/disable for MU-MIMO. But only one for Explicit beamforning that turns of MU-MIMO as well.

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