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Repeater mode on RT-N66U with releases >56_2 not rotuing

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I have found in releases after 378.56_2 repeater mode has issues if there is a device plugged into the switch ports. On a couple repeaters I have I used the ethernet ports for network attached cameras and on these repeaters DHCP requests don't return to clients. I see the request make it to the DHCP server and the server respond but the wireless client never gets the response. Unplugging the device from the ethernet port on the repeater immediately fixes the issue and request route properly and plugging the device in causes the issue to reoccur. I have tried a factory reset and setup from scratch and see the issue on any firmware newer than 378.56_2. Downgrading to 378.56_2 corrects the issue as well.
Seems to also occur in repeater mode without devices attached. I did some tcpdumps on the repeater and the router and the issue appears to be DHCP replies not being sent but the repeater not returning them to the client. I don't see this behavior in 378.56_2.

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