Replace OpenVPN Router/Server with a new one


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I have a bi-directional OpenVPN setup going from a cabin (an AX58U running Asuswrt-Merlin as the server) to my home network (AX88U/Asuswrt-Merlin in client mode).
I am replacing the AX58U with a new AX86U tomorrow. Right now the AX58U/AX88U is running great. In moving over to the new AX86U, I plan on the same settings on the AX86/Server. Questions (I'm still learning all this VPN setup stuff...)
1) Can I export the OpenVPN configuration file from the AX58 and import into the AX86U?
2) I assume the current set of certificates and keys on both machines will need to be redone. Correct?

Any other advice, things Im missing?



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The only thing exportable from the OpenVPN server config itself is its server cert, which by itself doesn't seem particularly useful in your circumstances. IMO, the easiest thing to do is to configure the new OpenVPN server at the cabin just as before, then export the OpenVPN configuration again for import in the OpenVPN client at home. That way, all the cert/key (re)generation and transfer will be done automatically.

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