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Currently i have a local network with 2 internet accesses, 1 with a ADSL box, the other with a Huawei 4G.

Both are connected in load balanced mode to a ASUS AC88U which is managing my network and all equipemnts are behind this AC88U playing also DHCP.

Since two days i have major troubles, very bad quality. I tried to investigate and i think that my investigations leads to this routeur being the source of issues.

I will do some more testing but if i have to replace this AC88U whqat would be the suggestions.

I have a cabled network and a lot of WiFi APs or repeaters. About 50 to 60 equipments spread over the cabled network and the WiFi network.

I don't use all specifics of the AC88U, i just use it as a routeur with WiFI and some security inside.

The WiFi provided should be strong as it is placed in a central place, below the roof and giving the WiFi to many rooms through the ceilings.

But i could have two different pieces, 1 switch/router with the security inside and one or more Access Points giving the WiFi.

The equivalent to the AC88U, may be the AX11000 or the AX89X which are the equivalents of the AC88U i guess.

What would be your suggestions as a replacement, which model ? separate router and APs ? etc...

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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Not exactly what you are asking, but I really like my dual-ISP setup. I use a ethernet-only router and run my WiFi in AP-mode.

My router is a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4 which comes with a nice wizard for setting it up in either load-balancing or failover mode between up to 3 ISPs.

Separating out my dual-ISP setup from my WiFi setup simplifies things(mostly at least).

A disadvantage to this setup is that ASUS doesn’t support normal Guest-Mode when running in AP-mode(guest networks in AP mode always still have full intranet access). Other brand WiFi supports intranet-restricted guest mode(ASUS is odd in not supporting it).
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