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Replacing drives in Seagate BlackArmor NAS 220

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I had two 1 TB drives in my NAS as a RAID 1 volume. One of the drives is now dead and I will now replace all two to with new 2 TB drives.
I intend to follow the tutorial from Seagate to replace the dead drive (with one of the new 2TB drives), and will than replace the old not dead one with the another new 2 TB drive.

Is this so possible, can I use the complete 2 TB after replacing all two drives?

Thanks for your help!
I bet it will write the replacement as a 1 TB drive. You will then need to replace the second drive with a bigger drive before you can expand the RAID. This is after bad drive replacement is finished rebuilding the mirrored volume. Whether you can expand the RAID volume will depend on the software. The better hardware RAID solutions out there will allow you to expand the RAID volume.

If it does not support the mirror expansion you can copy off the data onto a temp drive on a PC somewhere then redefine the 2 TB drives as a new mirrored RAID volume and copy the data back.

If you don't have any space use the old 1 TB drive. Connect it to a PC for temp use. This would mean you need to go through the steps for rebuilding the RAID with the new 2 TB drives. Free up the old 1 TB install in another PC and format. You now have space to copy to. So copy your data here then blow away the old RAID defined on the two 2TB drives and redefine it as a 2 TB RAID. Then copy your data back to the new redefined 2 TB RAID.
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I had two 1 TB drives in my NAS as a RAID 1 volume. One of the drives is now dead and I will now replace all two to with new 2 TB drives.

Check with Seagate - replacing one drive in a RAID with a new drive, in your case, will usually end up with a RAID set of the original size, so in your case, you'll end up with some spare space when both drives are replaced.

How to grow it - that's the question back to seagate.

FWIW - good move on deciding to replace both drives - in a RAID set, normally if one dies, the others attend the funeral, so always good to consider rolling the others out of service on a small RAID.
Was the armour pierced :p
Replace the drive with the new one, RAID rebuilds. RAID extension depends on 2 things, is it software RAID and the drive setup on the low level (LVM, etc).

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