Replacing my ac88u main and my ac68u (ap)

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New Around Here
Looking to replace my ac88u and my ac68u
Both are still performing ok with latest Merlin firmware . My ac88u is the main router connected to my cable modem gig down 50mbs up hardwired to my ac68u for wired AP these two routers supply internet to a 3600 sq ft 2 story duplex . 4 hardwired devices ,22 wireless devices, tablets, cell phones , chromecasts ,ps4s , smart switches . Some gaming , lots of streaming , netflix, youtube tv and plex just from my isp I average about 2tb a month and what ever my Plex server processes locally

The two routers handle this but the ac88u is starting to lose its range and require resets frequently. I've had both of these for a very long time looking at at getting two ac86u since they are on sale for 169.99 or I could get the ac88u from Amazon for 189.99 I think I'm going to get the ac86u but wanted to run it by the forum here , the biggest thing I'm looking for is range and reliability which my equipment now gets the job done but more is always better and my equipment doesn't have the range and reliability it once did .

Two 86u's should take care of my networking needs ? Should I get another ac88u and set that as my main router and have a 86u as a wired AP. Or just ride with the two 86u's .

Thought about ax but will hold out a few more years .

Any opinions greatly appreciated.

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