Diversion **Resolved ** Diversion Update Failed - [Error] pixelserv-tls CA certificate creation failed


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Recently installed 386.2_2 on my RT-AX3000 and decided to look to see if there were any script updates and there were some for Diversion. I ran the update option and it failed with the following error:
[Error] pixelserv-tls CA certificate creation failed

Multiple attempts to install have failed with the same error.

Disk checker doesn't seem to show any easily identifiable issues, but I'm not familiar enough with the log to be certain.

Any ideas on how to fix?

** Resolved **
Removed and reinstalled pixelserv-tls package and then reinitated Diversion install and it completed successfully

commands used to remove and reinstall are as follows:
opkg remove pixelserv-tls
opkg install pixelserv-tls
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