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RESOLVED: Lost access to WebUI from LAN, SSH is working

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Hi All,
Suddenly I have faced an issue with WebUI access lost to one of my routers.
When I try to access the WebUI from LAN I am getting 'Connection refused' error.
It was working just fine and the only idea I have on m,y mind is that I have somehow occasionally enabled access restrictions under Admin - System

I can still acccess SSH.
Router itself is opperational and tunnels are up and running.

1. what is the nvram / terminal command I can try to set the option "Enable Access Restrictions" to 'No' or add a local LAN to the list?
2. If I will not be able to regain access, I will probably need to reset the router, but I do not have a recent backup of the settings, is there a way to dump a router configuration from the SSH terminal?
3. Any other ideas what can be causing 'Connection refused' on WebUI from the LAN?
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Try this:
nvram set enable_acc_restriction=0
nvram commit
service reboot

nvram save /path-to-usb-folder/nvram.cfg

Could be your browser is converting HTTP addresses to HTTPS addresses. If you had previously enabled HTTPS access try that URL, e.g. https://www.asusrouter.com:8443/
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