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Restarting firewall

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My 3100 firewall started to restart every 10 minutes.

I get ---> Jan 24 18:53:23 rc_service: udhcpc 1180:notify_rc start_firewall.. exactly every 10 mins in system logs

So I removed the usb that I was running diversion, skynet etc.

Factory reset/initialize the router, Formated JFFS partition at next boot.
Setup the router manually.

Did not install any scripts, Diversion, Skynet etc..

And the firewall still restarts every 10 minutes.

Any Ideas? I'm running Firmware Version:384.8_2
Hmm I did just notice that the lease time is set for 10 minutes..
I can't find the option to change it.
Where is the option to change it?
Well my IP does not change, I just see in wan settings its checking every 10 mins.
Could checking if ip change restart the firewall?
ok thanks for help. it was the lease settings.
I disabled the Internet Detection option in the WAN settings under Account Settings from PPP Echo to disable.

No more firewall restarts

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