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[Review] Asus PCE-AC58BT

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Jayce Ooi

Regular Contributor
Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus PCE-AC58BT Review @ JayceOoi.com.

Up to 1.1 Gbps support on 5 GHz wireless. Better than LAN cable! Yes, that’s the performance of Asus PCE-AC58BT AC2100 Dual-Band PCIe 160 MHz Wi-Fi Adapter with Intel Wireless-AC 9260. Comes with Bluetooth 5.0 for faster and farther coverage too. Just plug it into desktop computer PCI Express x1 slot will do. And position the transceiver for optimal signal reception with external antenna. Does Asus PCE-AC58BT really that great? Watch this video review to find out…

That's all. Thanks for watching...
At the same effective speeds (~1Gbps) Ethernet is much faster than WiFi.

Your statement that it is better than a LAN cable is incorrect. And your video above shows the same.
Nice to see - depends on a lot of things coming into alignment from the AP to the client, along with the wireless environment.

Wired is certainly going to be more consistent, and latency on the wire is commonly going to be better that WiFi.

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