News RibbonFET, 20A nodes and Future Asus Routers


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Intel’s First High-Profile IFS Fab Customer: Qualcomm Jumps on Board For 20A Process (

I hope this is the beginning of real processing power on routers beginning sometime during 2024. Having a high power, highly efficient, and easily cooled SoC is what our routers need. Pairing the power of today's Intel i3's or i5's with enough RAM (8GB+, and upgradable please!) and storage (SSD, and upgradable please!) will be what 2024 and later will need (all at equal or lesser power and cooling requirements of today's routers).

Asus pairing with Qualcomm instead of Broadcom is a possibility if Qualcomm can deliver a better product than what Broadcom will have by then.

Curious what others think of this news? As it relates to our 'consumer' RMerlin powered Asus routers.


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Unlikely to be used for routers for a very, very long time, this is most likely for mobile devices like smartphones, where power management is critical, unlike on a router. QCA's router solutions aren't even anywhere close to their Snapdragon technology at this time, I don't see why that would suddenly change.


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All great replies, I guess I'm just a dreamer.

But yes, faster everything!

I want to see sub 5 second reboots. I want to have better-than pfSense abilities (along with best of class Wi-Fi). I want to be able to upgrade the RAM and the storage, as needed.

I want the headroom for the CPU's to be so great, that the router runs at room temperatures at its highest loads.

We're already paying for this level of hardware. I want it in our hands, soon.
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My nice cool Omnia reboots in @6 seconds. Omnia and Mox are open source hardware and can be upgraded.

" I want want want" is the biggest cause of all the world's problems. Desire breeds dissatisfaction and gains you nothing.

Go for a walk, learn to meditate , your world will be a more comfortable place , then you can achieve more without the need for speed.


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As I said, we can dream. I'm not wanting anything impossible. Just want more capabilities even if it costs more (which by 2024 it will).

Funny that you seem to have some of what I'm envisioning here, but you tell me to go for a walk and learn to meditate. :)

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