Right way to make the 2nd WAN hot-standby in `Fail Over` mode and route specific traffic via it?

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Hi Buddies,

I want to have a 2nd WAN only for ISP's IPTV as I prefer to be able to scan the ISP's multicast port from merlin so I enabled the dual wan from the modem's IPTV port to LAN1 on merlin and want to route all traffic with as destination via WAN1.

Since the 2nd WAN does not have actual Internet connection, `Load balance` mode is not my option. But in `Fail Over` mode, the 2nd WAN will become cold standby after reboot and I accidentally make it hot-standby according to the post here [1], but even after I set the route policy manually, seems I still can not scan the traffic via WAN1. Is there any aspect I missed? I can confirm that the wire works, as I tested it with standalone laptop, I just want to make it work on merlin instead.

An extra small question is what the right place I should put the script `service "restart_wan_if 1"` [1] to make all the process automatically. Firstly I tried to make it in `wan-start` and it seems to make dnsmasq restart again and again. When I move it to `firewall-start` and seems the `ip rule add to lookup wan1` does not take effect actually.

Thanks in advance.

[1] How to force dual WAN Hot-Ready?


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Not sure if this helps you, but I have both a cable internet and a DSL internet connection (2 different ISPs). Both routers connect to the same switch and I simply set the appropriate default gateway on my various devices to use one or the other provider. It obviously doesn't do automated failover in this configuration, but I can monitor traffic on either or both easily.

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