ROG Rapture AX11000 LAN Speed Issues

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Tony Mathews

New Around Here
Good Morning, I was wondering if anyone could help me with an issue. Since the latest firmware, I am seeing LAN speeds dropping to 400-500Mbps on an 1gig connection. My setup is an CM2000 to GT-AX11000 via 2.5Gb connection and when I test at the cable modem, I am getting the full 952Mbps down and 42-48Mbps Up. I have factory reset my router, issue doesn't change. Cabling is Cat6a 10G Certified cabling and I am running firmware Version

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.


Part of the Furniture
If nobody responds with a possible remedy, I think a full reset may be in order?

Tony Mathews

New Around Here
Already tried a full reset, different modems from CM1200 to CM2000. Didn't start until the latest firmware release.


Regular Contributor
Working fine here. Did you try going back to older firmware?

Tony Mathews

New Around Here
Did you find a fix, Tony? I've noticed the same problem with my Arris CM8200 & AX11000.
No, I factory reset my router with default settings and it didnt change anything. My next step was contacting ASUS, was trying to hold out for next Firmware release to see how that addresses the issue but I've also had some Comcast/Xfinity Speed issues to troubleshoot as well outside of the ASUS problems.

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