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ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Pro LED Button Not Working

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I cannot seem to use the hardware button on side of my ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Pro to turn the LED (Aura RGB) on or off. Tried keep pressing it for 3 seconds (or more), no change on the LED. I can only turn it on or off from the web GUI or the Asus Router app on my phone.

The f/w is current latest:

Anyone has a fix for this or it is just the common thing on latest Asus wireless router products which need fixing through future firmware update?


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Turns out the GT-AX11000 Pro web GUI has the LED Key assignments on the front page called Dashboard (not the Network Map page like on Asus other wireless routers web GUI). The available options are: LED On/Off, DFS Channel, Aura RGB, and Game Boost.

It was already set to Aura RGB (which I've found doesn't correspond to any change on the Aura RGB). If I change it to LED On/Off, the hardware button will work. But, it kills only the status LED lights, which are useful for me. So, I still can't use the hardware button just to activate or deactivate the Aura RGB, other than using the software.

Hope it's a firmware issue and the next update will fix this. The last update fixed the status LED for the 10G port previously not lightning up when in use.


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on network map page >systen status> RGB there are 7 choices for the RGB colours gradient rainbow evoloution and 4 more marquee wave breathing and static
not like it makes a big difference ? have fun. let me add I use Merlin latest FW
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Thanks. The Aura RGB menu on the Network Map page is basically the same as the one on the Dashboard page (mentioned on #4 post). It's been a long time since I used 3rd party fw. This one is on Asus' current latest

And per topic of LED hardware button, turns out...

it does work for turning the Aura RGB on/off. But, only if the Aura RGB is set on one of the static appearance options. Previously, I had set it on the Marquee option.

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