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Router Advice - SR203 vs ASUS RT86U (WiFi DISABLED)

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Wasn't entirely sure under what category to put this! Anyways...

So, brand new build house, stupid setup, I've already covered some of this in a topic previously, but todays question is this:

I am with Sky as my ISP. I have the Sky SR203 (provided by Sky) and also an older ASUS RT-AC86U. WiFi is DISABLED for this question - Wireless will not be used on either of these devices and WiFi will remain disabled.
Out of the 2 I have, the SR203 or the RT-AC86U, which would most people recommend I use?

I have no need for anything too complex in terms of settings - both devices allow me manually assign IPs to devices and that's pretty much all I need. I've already setup the RT-AC86U to work with Sky, so that's a non-issue.
Both routers work so to speak, so I guess my question simply boils down to what do those in the know consider the better device that I should use of the 2 that are available to me


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