Router antenna as PS4 WiFi/Bluetooth antenna?

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New Around Here
I’m wondering if I can use an old router antenna to replace the cheap wifi/Bluetooth adapter in the PS4? I’m asking because I’ve seen YouTube videos of ppl replacing it with similar SMA to pigtail connecters and it’s the same thing used for router antennas, it’s basically one router antenna so o figured it would be the same. Reason I’m asking is because I can’t get into my PS4. Controller only works in safe mode plugged in and the stock adapter crapped the bed. I had it working again by bending it until it got connection again but now nothing at all. I’ve stripped half the length of the wire trying to make contact again but nothings working. I visibly see the wire touching the other solder point just like it was when it worked but it’s not working anymore so i figured instead of buying a replacement antenna like these videos, I can take one out of my old router.

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