Router AX86U in Bridge Mode

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Hello, i'm currently trying to setup my asus router in bridge mode (i.e. pass all connections through to the modem who's acting as DHCP server)

The simple reason is that the modem has also TV that i cant separately disable and honestly its a big hassle to setup everything to go through to the asus router.

So the simplest solution would be to set the asus router to not give IP adresses and instead bridge everything to the modem.

However, i can not find where or how to do this.


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There is no such thing as a bridge mode (at least how that term is used w/ an ISP modem+router) on the ASUS router, since it can't act as a modem. Your options are either AP mode, where the router is bridged LAN to LAN to the primary router and provides both wired (via its switch) and wireless AP access, or media bridge mode, where the router is bridged to the primary router over wireless and supports wired clients on its switch.
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