Router choice (Which allows multiple subnets AND VPN)?

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This is the third forum I've tried to get help with this question on. I need a bit of advice.

I recently had ATT Fiber installed. They said I must use their provided BGW320 Router, but I can switch it to just act as a Modem and run my own router.

Here's what I would like to do.


- Acting as modem

2) ____ Router:

-- Eth01 - This block routed direct to the internet for my work PC (windows). This is to isolate it from the rest of my home network.

-- Eth02 - Mix of half a dozen Linux & Windows boxes routing all external traffic through a VPN Service (like nord or the like) setup on the Router

WiFi#1 WIFI LAN running the same IP Block as Eth02 for mobile devices (Cell/tablets) so these computers can access local file server & Network printer. - WiFi#2 Guest Wifi network for visiting friends. This too isolated from my home network.

The sales guy at Microcenter said any of these 3 would work great with #1 being the preferred and #3 the least.




I was a little confused by this as #2 has the quad core so I would have assumed it to be the more powerful router.
I'm a fan of ASUS mobo's so that's why I was primarily looking at asus routers but if there are better options I'm happy to look at those instead.

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They're good for some things and sometimes don't know anything about what they're selling.

I can't picture any of those doing what you want to accomplish. You should be looking at SMB devices or diy. Split the functions of routing and WiFi for starters.

Get an AP for the WiFi that supports vlans and has multiple SSID capabilities. I run a Zyxel and it has a 4*4 radio and up to 8 SSID per band.

Next look for a wired router where you can do vlans or at least adding subnets to individual interfaces like you want.

All in maybe $200 on the low end. That's $150 for the AP and $50 for the router. The more features the router has the more it will cost.

Sometimes modem only isn't as it seems. I would test it before you spend the money on equipment. Just hook up a a laptop or PC and makes sure you get a public IP and not a cgnat or something else.


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No Asus routers support more than one subnet on the LAN ports. They do support per client VPN routing and guest WiFi networks.

This is the third forum I've tried to get help with this question on. I need a bit of advice.
What advice were you given on those other forums so that we don't waste our time repeating what's already been said.


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I was a little confused

No home router can do what you expect out of the box.

RT-AC86U - model from 2017 with hardware issues history and close to EOL
RT-AX1800 - one of the cheapest Asus AX models available with weak hardware
RT-AC67P - one of the cheapest Asus AC models available based on MediaTek SoC


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You can achieve what you want, but not the way you described and I think your description is a bit to specific. I'm going to turn this into requirements & solution without using the specifics you described.

1. Work PC to be isolated on it's own segment
2. General network (mix of clients) to be connected through VPN outbound (note that wifi vs hardwired is not relevant here)
3. Guest network - no vpn requirement.

Solution - Any current Asus router running Merlin and YasFI Guest
1. Put Work PC on it's own Guest network
2. Setup general network, use VPN Director to setup VPN routing for internal clients
3. Setup additional (separate) Guest network for actual guests.

I pretty much run the same setup for work & guest, though my internal network is more nuanced, I have some clients connecting via VPN, some not (easy to do with VPN director). I also have guest network that is routed through VPN.

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