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Router CPU for IPTV, samba, streaming

Discussion in 'Routers' started by Budgeter, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Budgeter

    Budgeter Occasional Visitor

    Dec 30, 2018
    As tittle, now I'm having TP-link Archer c1200 v1.0 and Asus rt ac58u. C1200 has 1 core - 900mhz cpu and 58u has 4 core IPQ 4018 @710mhz cpu. Which one should be best if I use for IPTV, samba, and local streaming

    I ask this question because, for some task like VPN, it will prefer better single core, so I wonder if 4 cores on 58u will be useful in these case (E.g: each core for each task, or use all for cores together each task)'

    And side questions:
    1 For some reasons, I always have problem while using samba on 58u. E.g: devices (usb plugged in router, local computers, etc) disappear from Network Location on win 10, or sometimes appear but become inaccessible. While plugging usb into c1200, it will instantly appear on local network and really stable.

    2 Sometimes there are unknown devices appear on my local network (only win 10 shows them), I'm pretty sure that no one rather than my family can access this network (I have full control of this network.)
    2018-08-17 (14).png 2018-08-17 (24).png 2018-08-02 (19).png 2018-08-02 (20).png 2018-08-02 (22).png
    E1000 and the phones are unknown devices.

    Link for both router hardware: