Router for heavy torrenting ER4, RB4011

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What router should I choose for heavy torrenting (with thousands of connections on a 1000/1000 line) Im not interested in wifi performance.
Could a ER4 or RB4011 be an overkill for this purpose???
Or should I stick with a quad core Archer AX20 ??? Or maybe building an openwrt router on a NanoPi R2S ???
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I really do not like TP-Link products, but if you already have the Archer, I would say stick with it. Should handle 1 Gbps up/down with ease.
I would be more concerned with the client behind it and make sure it can handle such I/O loads.


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@Deepcuts thanks for your reply. No, I don't have the ax20. Any decent router could handle 1Gbps up/down, but not many can handle thousands of connections which fill the NAT table and making the router useless (fluctuating speed, 100% cpu loads etc)
I/O loads are not concern.


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Then RB4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD-IN will suit your needs with room to spare.
I am using lots of RB1100AHx4 and I am happy with the performance (same CPU)

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