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Router for Retail business

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I was wondering if any one could help me find a router for my needs. I am opening up and currently have a couple liquor stores. My old routers are pretty unreliable and require resets every once in a while which costs money.

Ideally I would like to limit downtime by having a reliable router that I could attach a cheap simcard with lte to. It would be great if I could access the desktop of my computers from home. Also in a perfect world I require 8 lan ports.

I have the Synology 2600ac at home. Although it is a fantastic router, that meets most of my needs, I am wondering if there is anything more business oriented that I should be considering. Any help is greatly appreciated.
If you're happy with the RT2600ac, you might consider the MR2200ac for your shops... Synology has a good rep for Small Business support on their NAS product line.

If you need additional ports, just add an unmanaged switch.

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