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I just got a new job as network admin for a small office, the company has 12 servers and about 30 PCs connected to the 3MBPS connection. The old network admin made one of the serves as the router running in windows server 2003. would this be ok or should I get a Linksys RV082-Eu Router? or any other advice on this... first time posting here so not sure if this has been answered already :)

Thanks in advance!
Is that 2003 server running ISA?

The outside NIC of a Windows box running ICS or some proxy is exposed on the public IP address..the outside NIC. For a Windows box...you have to take quite a few steps to lock down your computer to keep it safe.

I'd do some homework on "why/what" that server is doing, before rushing to swap it out with a router. ISA? Some 3rd party proxy software? Or just plain Windows RRAS?

My preferred approach though is to always have a hardware appliance as my edge device...not a Windows operating system.
thanks :) will check out what you said... but i was told.. (since the old network admin just dropped out of sight) the server just acted as router and nothing else was running on that machine. Any reccomendations on a router suited to the number of servers and users as i have mentioned? Does this many pc require i get a cisco router or Linksys is good enough still?

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