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Router recommendation: AC 3x3 + 3x VLAN ID + <100$


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Hello everyone!

I want to replace my wireless router and any advice would have been helpful.

Features that I need:

- 3x VLAN tagging support to replace ISP router
- No more than 5-10 devices connected via wifi
- High 5Ghz speed to connect a Macbook Pro 2019 at 20 feet (3 walls)
- Price lower than 100$/€

I found some interesting prices on the second hand market:

- Asus RT-AC66U B1: 45€
- DLink 882: 60€
- Linksys EA7500-EU: 40€ (I don't know what is the difference between -EU and EA7500 and no 3x VLAN support I think)
- Netgear R7800: 80€

Which one would you choose? Any other suggestions?

Thank you!


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No consumer all-in-one stock firmware that I'm aware of supports VLANs. I presume you're planning to flash a third-party firmware (OpenWRT, DD-WRT, etc.) to pickup VLAN support?

If choosing between the above, I'd go R7800 and flash OpenWRT.

Or for out-of-the-box support for VLANs, just get a Ubiquiti ER-X and pair it with a TP-Link EAP225v3. It will be a bit more than $100 total, though, and the 5Ghz throughput may not be quite as aggressive as the R7800's radio.


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Thank you for your replies @Trip @CaptainSTX.

Here in Spain all Asus routers have support for VLANs out of the box without custom firmwares. For example:

Funcionalidad Triple-VLAN, compatible con los servicios triple-pay (Internet, Voz IP y TV) de tu operador para aprovechar al máximo la conexión de fibra óptica
Triple-VLAN functionality, compatible with triple-pay services (Internet, IP Voice & TV) from your ISP to take full advantage of your fiber connection
A quick search for "triple vlan" in Amazon.es returns a lot of results for Asus:

DLink 882 has support too:

It looks like D-Link has added some features missing previously. The VLAN feature in the Internet (WAN) settings looks like it was added to support service providers. You can enter a VLAN ID tag for three different VLANs, then assign Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Guest connections to each zone.
R7800 also seems to have support according their kb (in spanish but images are easy to check):


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@Trip @CaptainSTX @Val D.

He's not talking about VLANs on the LAN. He's talking about VLANs which are used on the WAN connection to support IPTV services.

Untitled.png Untitled.png
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Val D.

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He's talking about VLANs which are used on the WAN connection to support IPTV services.
Yes, it's clear now, but we don't know what the provider is. I know there is a setting Custom, but can it be configured properly with his provider is something we have no way to test. There was a thread somewhere on SNB about some service missing in RT-AC86U IPTV settings, I remember. I'm out. :)

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