Router shows massive uppload

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So I'm on a RT-AC66U_B1, but when I go to traffic analyzer I can see that I upload more then I download which should not be the case.

I'm not sure why it show that much in upload but it is wrong. Anyone know why it shows this?

It is a fresh install, only have amtm, skynet, diversion installed. with a 4GB USB stick for 2GB swap.


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I see the same behavior in the AC5300 with 384.17. When I see the "Real time" traffic on the Internet Connection look fine, but If select "Last 24 Hours" the informatión show more uploap. It is as if the informationhad been inverted.
Only occurs in Internet Connection - Last 24 Hours, looks like a bug


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Haven't had it on for a month so can't check. But "Traffic Analyzer - Statistic" is normal the same with real time.

So would it be an ASUS bug or Merlin bug?


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It seems like it occurs on Traffic Monitor (minus real time) but not on Statistic. Anyone know if there is a fix or which version thus bug was introduced?

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