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Router + USB HDD or Dedicated NAS for smooth video streaming

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New Around Here
I am looking for a box that will:
1) stream video smoothly (within the home - only 3max users)
2) have dlna support for PS3
3) Bit Torrent

As I dont need to do all the above constantly, I don't need to have the these functions on all the time, so I am considering a router that can add a 2.5" USB drive which I can dis/connect as required, something like this:


I figure if it works, it will save me money (as I need to upgrade my Linksys WRT54G anyway).
The files on the USB HDD are already backed up, so HDD failure is not a real issue. Also I can dump files onto the HDD as I can just sneakernet it to any computer. FTP or webhosting from outide the home is not required.

My concerns are:
1) will it stream video smoothly?
2) Is it a proven solution for BT'ing? - will it be as fast as if I am connecting via my PC?

I was also looking at the Synology DS109 (or similar from QNAP or Thecus) and I assume a dedicated NAS will stream video smoothly, although I have read mixed reports of the BT performance (although I suspect that could be dependant on local issues).

Any comments or reports on the performance of these types of routers compared to a dedicated NAS? Also any recommended models if I go this route?

Thanks in advance,
In general, routers with USB NAS features are slow and have limited functions. The Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH is the best we've seen both for performance and features.
Thanks for the replies.

I found this short review on the buffalo router, which indicates streaming video should be OK:

"A switch on the front of the router lets you turn the Movie Engine mode on. Essentially a quality of service (QoS) feature, this prioritises media traffic to reduce the likelihood of video stuttering. However, we had no trouble streaming HD video through the router, whether the setting was enabled or not.
There’s plenty to like about Buffalo’s latest router, but it’s rather disappointing it can’t manage 802.11n on the less-cluttered 5GHz spectrum."

Not sure if the 5GHz issue mentioned above is an issue. my existing WRT54G is only 2.4GHz and I haven't had any issues that I'm aware of.

@valentin; Thanks for the info, however as I rarely get more than 500kbps d/l with my existing pc config, I suppose as long as I get something comparable, then using this router is no worse than my current setup.

Lastly, with the ratification of 802.11n coming in September, is there any reason to wait for this standard to be confirmed instead of still in the existing pre or draft spec?
If you want the best chance of smooth video streaming, especially for HD, then use a wired connection. The more neighboring networks that you can see, the lower your chances for trouble-free streaming.

The draft 11n ratification will basically be a non-event since draft 11n products have been out for so long. The main effect will be that the Wi-Fi Alliance will announce certification programs for single stream (150 Mbps maximum link rate) and three stream (450 Mbps maximum link rate) flavors of draft 11n.

Anticipating your question as to whether 450 Mbps routers will be better for video streaming, I highly doubt it. Tests have shown time and time again that throwing more bandwidth at video streaming doesn't ensure success. Improving throughput stability and boosting 5 GHz band power to fix the range problem are what is needed. So far, the industry has shown little interest in addressing either issue.
Thanks for the advice Tim, it seems the Buffalo router is worth a gamble, as on paper at least it has the potential to work for my basic needs.
I'll do a little more research on the Buffalo forums and any other reviews I can find.

I'll try to remember to post back my findings.

All the best,

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