Router: web admin console logs out for inactivity if you only interact with items on the same page, and don't navigate to a new page.


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I've been logged out for inactivity from the router console while performing some of the following non-exhaustive list of actions on the main index page:

  • Reviewing devices in the Client Status sidebar (after clicking the "Clients" button);
  • Clicking the 'Refresh' button in the Client Status sidebar;
  • Clicking through the 3 tabs in the Client Status sidebar;
  • Examining device details from the Client Status sidebar;
  • Sliding the buttons on and off in these device detail pop-overs;
  • Examining the AiMesh node details (click AiMesh button, then click the AiMesh node in the sidebar);
  • Clicking the "Security" button to examine the System status sidebar;
  • Clicking the "Internet" button to examine the Internet Status sidebar;
I think the issue is with the logic of the page timeout. The Javascript needs to reset the inactivity timer if the admin is clicking on *something* within the same page.

The session timer is reset if you navigate to any other page (i.e.: AiMesh.asp, Advanced_LAN_Content.asp, GameBoost.asp).
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