Routing between VPN server 1 and server 2


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I have an Asus RT-AC68U (location B) in which I have setup the two openVPN servers. The VPN server 1 is dedicated for regular LAN access from devices in the Internet. The VPN server 2 is used for a site-to-site vpn with another Asus RT-AC68U in Location A. The diagram of my setup can be found in this link

I would like to achieve a routing in such way so that remote devices connected to VPN server 1 of Location B to be able to exchange traffic with LAN devices of Location A by utilising the s2s vpn connection. Therefore, based on my diagram, I would like any device from the subnet to be able to communicate with the subnet.

Would that be possible? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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If location B already has access to location A's LAN ( due to the site-to-site connection, there's no reason that same network isn't available to client's of location A's other OpenVPN server ( It's just another network established in location B's routing table. But it requires keeping everyone in the chain informed of the proper routing.

You have to push the network to the clients of the OpenVPN server at location B ( so they know to route that network over the tunnel.

push "route"

And you need to push the network to location A of the site-to-site connection, so devices on know to route traffic from back over the site-to-site tunnel.

push "route"


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I've been looking to do the same thing and came across this today! Made life much easier and worked perfectly, thank you!

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