RP AX56 as Aimesh node problem


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I am having an issue getting an RP AX56 repeater to be recognized as a node. I first couldn't get it to register with ac3100 running 386.4 Merlin. Then I upgraded to AX11000 thinking maybe it needed to be wifi 6 and still no dice have factory reset many times have tried all 3 stock firmwares and no dice. I can log into it it works fine as a repeater just can't get aimesh working. No issues connecting the ac3100 as a node and no issues with ac68u as a node. It acts like when you log in and switch it to aimesh node it never really factory resets the plug and put into aimesh mode like it does on the routers. My next question is is it even worth keeping the repeater? Should just use ax11000 and ac3100 because I only have the option of hardwiring 1 of the nodes. That way I can enable ethernet backhaul

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