RP-AX56 can't use ethernet backhaul

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Well this is rather disappointing. I just installed a new RP-AX56 extender thinking it would be a great extender for my AX88U, and the thing doesn't support ethernet backhaul on the current (and only) firmware:

Screenshot 2021-03-04 124251.png


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I was not able to resolve it. Although, I never tried stock firmware on my AX88U, only using merlin firmware. Currently on 386.2 beta 1 and it's still showing the same warning. I contacted ASUS support about it and they said it should work as well. My guess is that they just couldn't get it in in time for the 1st firmware release and it will come in the next release hopefully.


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So I decided to buy this repeater anyway to test it out, and interestingly ethernet backhaul works for me! I'm using an XT8 running the latest stock firmware ( as the router and an RP-AC56 running the only firmware available (


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