RP-AX56 - Ethernet -> 2.4ghz only mode?


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I bought an RP-AX56 to do some troubleshooting of devices that only work on 2.4ghz. I want to plug the extender into Ethernet and have it broadcast ONLY a 2.4ghz network. Is this possible? I can't seem to get the correct combination of settings to make this happen.


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Hi, I'm having the same issue. I think its possible to do, because I did it the last time I set up the repeater. Of course, now I forgot how I did it. :-/


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Set up as an AiMesh node it's pretty simple:
AiMesh > RP-AX56 > Management > Enable Radio : 2.4GHz & 5GHz options


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Nothing in the User Manual for this device?


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I don't think it even gets a user manual, just a quick start guide!
Using it as a regular AP you get the same cut-down WEB UI that you would for using a router as an AP - So I would have thought (but am currently unable to test) that you could cut a WiFi transmitter in the same fashion as for a router in AP mode.

Edit: The quickstart guide, or the Asus Extender app should be enough to get the extender set up as an AP. *I have completely failed to set these devices up as AiMesh devices without using ethernet cables. Cables-simple, no cables - hair tearing out time!
If you've connected to the device manually then you have repeater.asus.com available rather than needing to know it's IP. In AP mode this continues to work even once set up - in Mesh node it just sends you to the router...
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