RS819 vs RS1219+

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I'm trying to figure out if the RS1219+ would be better or if I should only get the RS819. I realize the difference in drive bays and RJ45 ports, but curious if the extra processing power and memory will add any additional benefits.

I currently have an RS815+ with an expansion unit (8 x 8 TB drives). I'm planning on replacing all drives due to current ones being in service for >5 years. I've replaced some of the drives already due to heat issues. The unit wasn't optimally cooled resulting in early failures.

I want a 2-post solution -- so short form factor of 12" is preferred which is why I'm limiting to RS1219+ or RS819 instead of the RS820+.

Any opinions would be appreciated! My main use will be Apple Time Machine backups, CloudStation syncs, and Surveillance Station with 12 4k video feeds (may expand by an additional 4 feeds). I have a pfSense box that runs OpenVPN so I don't need VPN solutions on the Synology NAS.



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Has anyone heard of an update on the RS1220+ release? Lot's of talk about a year ago but nothing of late. I ask as we have seen many of the other updated Synology products released already.

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