RT-5300 and WIZ devices question

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New Around Here
I have a RT-5300 with the current firmware that is running in the AP mode, nothing fancy, it just gives me that ability to use my ZyXel C3000Z as a DHCP and internet connection.

I have been trying to setup a bunch WiZ A19 bulbs. I go through the routine to manually set them up. They connect to the ASUS WiFi no problem, WPA2-Personal, but then hang and eventually time out and give me an error. It is almost like they are trying to communicate to the mothership on a port that is not open.

I decided to turn on the 2.4Ghz wireless on the C3000Z itself and try connecting that way. SUCCESS!

So now I am trying to find out what is keep the communication from happening on my ASUS, but happens on the ZyXel it is connected to.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

And thanks for letting me join.

PS. I did find out what ports WiZ uses, but have no idea where to check to see if they are open.

38899 and 38900 for UDP on local network
18266 on local network, for pairing
8883 to establish secure connection with our servers over the internet. This is the MQTT port. – TCP
123 - to obtain the time over the internet, for example for scheduled events, UDP
80 - to the internet, TCP
53 - to the internet, TCP and UDP to resolve Domain Name issues
443 - TCP to manage https
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