[RT-86U] - Merlin 384.19: How to discover which port is being used?


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I have a 86U with Merlin 384.19.

I use Diversion, Skynet and VPNMgr.

I have wired cameras via BNC throughout my property that are plug into my NVR from EZVIZ. I want to be able to view the motion detection logs over LTE. When I run ZENMap and target the NVR, it discovers the EZVIZ has open ports for 80, 554, 9010, 49152 and 8000.

Looking through SpeedGuide.net, it appears that viewing the video needs to occur through either 554, 8000 or 9010.

As of now, when I have Diversion, Skynet and VPNMgr all active, I am not able to access my motion detected video. When I turn all of them off, I regain the ability to. I am currently under going the process and slowly enabling things to determine where the line has to be drawn.

I would like to know though, is there a way to see what port is being pinged when the NVR is being accessed to play the video?

I do have uPnP off in the router, however, it looks like port 49152 is a open and is an active part of uPnP.

Any help is appreciated.


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Which 86U do you have, exactly? :)

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