rt ac 68u dsl

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I have an opportunity to buy an Asus rt 68 u ,,gaming router,, cheap I don't know what they mean by gaming router but it's a DSL router . My question is I have HFC , cable connected to an arris surfboard. The internet in Australia is now called NBN would I be able to connect to the arris via an Ethernet cable with the rt 68 u or will it just not work ?? I just want it to pass through my rt ac 88 u to stream local content as I have th 88 u configured to use express Vpn s DNS Servers and my TP link is so slow I need to put it to rest . If this won't work can someone suggest a router up $100 aud preferably an Asus but not esential


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An RT-AC68U cannot be a "DSL" model.

DSL models are combined modem routers, RT models have no modem.


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I see said the blind man,ok so I don't know what the seller is on about then but I thank you from the bottom of my wallet. The rt this guy is selling may suit my needs but it sounds like he doesn't know what he's talking about so I ,all of a sudden don't trust him thanks again

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