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Just curious if anyone else is experiencing issues with the Traffic Monitor with the RT-AC1750 B1 router? I took a screen capture below and you will see that the 3-17-2020 reception and transmission and 3-18-2020 reception is completely off. Also, the data reception for 3-16-2020 is off, since according to my ISP records, I downloaded 15.58 GB that day. I read shortly after I purchased the router last September that having NAT Acceleration enabled can cause inaccurate data, so I turned off that setting back then and the Traffic Monitor used to be accurate. I am using Asus firmware version, but the inaccurate data download/upload in the Traffic Monitor has been off since late last year. It began a few firmware revisions back, but I am unsure which version it started with or if it has anything to do with the firmware. I am trying to determine if this is a problem with just my router. Thank you.



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Ouch. That is wacked. Just out of curiosity; are the "24 hour" and "real time" views equally messed up?

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