RT-AC2900 Firmware

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New Around Here
Hey guys,

Newbie here that's upgrading from an RT-N66U.

Ended up getting the GT-AC2900 as it was on clearance for half the price of the RT-AC86U.

I see on Sourceforge the GT-AC2900 has beta ('experimental') releases of Merlin, but I also see on the Github wiki that under the list of supported devices, it mentions to use the RT-AC86U firmware on the GT-AC2900.

Can someone please confirm this is correct? I know they essentially share the same hardware (aside from the gimmicky lights and gaming 'features'), but wouldn't want to brick this thing.



Part of the Furniture
The RT-AC2900 and the GT-AC2900 are different devices with different firmware. Make sure you know which one you have.

The RT-AC2900 uses the RT-AC86U firmware. The GT-AC2900 has its own beta firmware.


New Around Here
Yes, you are correct - I misread! Love when companies do this with their naming scheme.

Guess that answers that question, thanks!

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