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New Around Here
Dear all,
please tell me if merlin firmware supports NAT LOOPBACK for RT-AC2900(RT-AC86U)
If not a new maybe an older.
I am not an IT specialist.
How i can do this with simple steps if your firmware doesnot support it.
Original asus firmware does not support NAT LOOPBACK
This is the official answer from ASUS today.

thanks in advance


Part of the Furniture
Asus firmware does support NAT loopback despite what you were told. There's no option in the menus to turn it off or on, it just does it automatically. Of course NAT loopback doesn't work in all scenarios and depends on how the router implements it. Merlin's firmware used to have it's own NAT loopback function but it was removed in 2018 in favour of Asus' method.

P.S. There is a dedicated Merlin subforum for questions about his firmware.


New Around Here
Thanks a lot for your answer but i test it with cameras, port forwarding and noip ddns.
Icant see the cameras with hostname from inside wi-fi
Asus answer today said that the firmware does not support nat loopback.
If you say that it does I willsearch for other issue

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