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Rt-ac3100 aimesh and point to point bridge, no wireless from node

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I am using 3 RT-AC3100's. I have one in my house that is configured as the router with my internet modem connected by ethernet in the WAN. I have a second AC3100 as an aimesh node connected wirelessly in my office in another building. I have an EZ-Bridge LT2+ point to point connected to the LAN of this node. On the other end of the point to point I have a AC3100 as a node. If I install the ethernet cable from the second antenna in the WAN port of this node (as it is supposed to be configured), I get no wireless or LAN connectivity. If I install the ethernet in a LAN port of the AC3100 node it acts as a switch and I can get great internet to whatever else I plug into a LAN on this node but no wireless.

I have tried several AC3100's and a AX55 in this end node position and they all act the same. The system was working great until a AC3100 quit as the node in front of the first antenna. Since I needed wireless in my office at that point, I borrowed the node from the end of the line until I could get another AC3100. I have not been able to get a node to produce wireless at the end position since. What could be wrong? I have swapped the nodes between the positions and now have several AC3100's as wireless nodes that I have tried to use. I even tried a AX3000 in my office with the AX55 at the end to no avail. They all work great as wireless nodes but not at the other side of the point to point. When I set the system up originally, I just used a wireless node at the end that was set up like any other wireless node, and it worked.

Something else I've noticed since the system quit working correctly is originally the aimesh system showed the end node connected by ethernet to the middle node. Now it just shows them both connected to the router (middle wirelessly and end by ethernet) even though the end node is basically connected to the middle node by ethernet in a sense. The bridge antennas are over 3/4 mile from each other and have excellent signal strength to each other.

The router and all nodes are updated to the latest firmware.
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