RT-AC3100 Issues with Imac OS downloads.

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I have an RT-AC3100 on version 384.19. It has been running for about 3 years with no issues.

A few days ago I set up a new Imac24 M1. I was on Macos Big Sur 11.3.
I started the update for OS11.4 and it would download about half of the file and then hang or die with no error messages. The file was about 12GB and the imac was connected on the 5G network. After trying this about ten times I tried switching to my low speed wifi and the download started back up and finished. Does this make any sense to anyone?


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Why are you running such old firmware on a currently supported router? :oops:


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FWIW, I've installed fresh OSX on a 2014 Mac Mini, upgraded to 11.3 then 11.4 with my AX86U. No issues.
Check your WIFI settings: 2.4 GHz at 20 MHz on channel 1, 6 or 11 - 5 GHz on a fixed channel (36 recommended) at 80 MHz. Do not use Auto channel and recommended to not use DFS channels.

Oh, please upgrade your firmware. If you don't you really do not care for your family's safety or the integrity of your data!


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Because you don't want us to be as safe online as possible?

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