RT-AC3100 - What is the current/latest H/W version?


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Hello peoples,
newbie here.
just was wondering if anyone can let me know what all are the h/w versions for this router since it's first launch and which one is the current one?
I'm looking to buy one on eBay (australia) but none of the sellers have posted a picture of the bottom sticker and none of them have replied to my message asking them of that.
Only 1 that did reply only has the RT-AC68U v3.
Should I just get that instead of the AC3100?

Thanks so much in advance


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Welcome to the forums @aeg.

I would not recommend the RT-AC68U over the RT-AC3100. But today, I would not recommend the RT-AC3100 either. Even if the RT-AC3100 proved to be the router with the most range for me and my customers a few years ago.

RT-AC3100 Report https://www.snbforums.com/threads/s...-go-with-the-rt-ac1900p-v3.34748/#post-281391

Is there a reason you're focusing on those models?

My suggestions for a router, today, are in the link below. With the RT-AX86U being the best 'buy', overall, with the RT-AX68U coming in a close second. Depending on the local prices in your area.

Current Order of Recommended Routers Late 2021


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Hi @L&LD
thanks for the welcome.
Was hoping you would respond.
I guess you didn't really answer the question though regardless of your recommendation / thoughts on the RT-AC3100.
Nevertheless, I have now eliminated the AC68U and AC3100
I'm in Australia and the prices here are different than in the US (obv) and the other routers you recommend are perhaps a bit outside my price range in AU
So I have decided on the RT-AC86U which as per your recco is "entry level" although sounds pretty bad ass.
Any idea when i was released and what the current H/W version is now?
Thanks so much


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Let your budget lead you, I would say the RT-AC68U is still a valid option as being a reasonable workhorse, not the fastest, not the latest standard but at the moment very affordable. A version V4 is coming up, or already sold here and there.
The RT-AC68U / RT-AC66U B1 / RT-AC1900U is sold here for ~EUR 100, the RT-AC86U does ~EUR 150, the RT-AX86U does ~EUR 250.


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I don't follow hardware revisions (mostly), because they're usually just different BOM items (due to material sourcing issues) and not important in the WiFi scheme of things. The exception is what @wouterv suggests though. v4 of the RT-AC68U has greatly improved hardware and would be worth singling out. But I wouldn't waste time doing that today.

As long as you're buying a newer RT-AC86U than the 'original' from 2017 or 2018, you should be fine. The last one I remember looking at was a 2020 model version which is still working for many customers that don't need to upgrade today. I'm not sure if there are newer models for that line.

The RT-AC86U is a far better buy than any version of the RT-AC68U and/or RT-AC3100 (and their cousin models), even today. Depending on your actual costs, (and be sure you can wait/look for sales too, of course), the AX models are superior and may be worth it if you plan on keeping your router for more than a year or two.

I don't believe any purchase of a home router today is 'overkill' because they are all underpowered, IMO, (of the models I suggest in the link above), it is simply a matter of perspective of how long you want to keep your new purchase and have it be useful far into the future.

If you haven't discovered them already, the following links give you an idea of what the newer router platforms may offer you. And why I think buying 'yesterdays' tech is always a bad idea when something better is available, even at a higher cost. Sure, hard budgets are important to stick to, at times. But usually, I find, budgets are arbitrarily arrived at, without taking into consideration all the benefits vs. the additional costs.

Is Wi-Fi 6 Worth It

Wi-Fi 6 Pt 2

RT-AX88U Upgrade https://www.snbforums.com/threads/b...ta-is-now-available.60037/page-31#post-531024

RT-AX86U vs. RT-AX88U

Report - 2x RT-AX68U upgrade over 2x RT-AC86U in wireless backhaul mode

And it is worth pointing out that while all the information above is true and accurate for the specific WiFi environments the specific hardware compared was tested in, it bears repeating that you should be doing your own tests in your own unique network environment and judging on your own if the value is there for you too.

I realize for most home users it is impossible to 'know' if the value is there or not if they're just testing one or two routers, that they may have experience with. That is why I offer the links above to give you an idea of the relative performance differences in a real-world setting. Price usually has nothing to do with that aspect of consumer/prosumer equipment. The specific model, does.


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