RT-AC3200 - 380.66_2 Wireless Issue (Resolved, see post #8 & 24)

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For what it is worth, I had absolutely no problems once I rolled back to 380.65_4. Find a time where you can leave it powered down for about 5 minutes. I did that when reverting, but I have no idea if it really made any difference.


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One would think that the 5G radios died, but they work perfectly fine on PC and iOS devices which is really weird.

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You may have already done this, but try removing the network connection from each device and make a new one.


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If going back and doing a factory default reset doesn't resolve your issue, then chances are it's not related to the firmware.

My WiFi was totally unusable after 380.66_2 update until I strung together the steps in post #8, all previous attempts (see post #1) to resolve including gui reset, reset button reset, WPS/Power reset and rescue mode firmware downgrade were unsuccessful.

If I were to speculate I'd say that factory reset wasn't completing properly as the main thing I did differently in Post #8 vs. Post #1 was nvram erase / reboot, which can be completed via SSH or telnet.

After Post #8 steps my WiFi has been back to normal on 380.66_2, completely stable using Smart Connect and separate SSID.
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