RT-AC3200: 384.13_10

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With 384.13_10 the 3200 is now facing the same WLAN-problems as with the original ASUS firmware.
WLAN drops randomly, especially my internet radios show a strange behavior :
- the online channel info text gets corrupted, resulting in a endless on/off sequence
- the radio stops and comes back - sometimes

Whatsapp calls are interrupted and reconnecting

All this happened after introducing the lastest WLAN-driver.
Up to 384.13_8 this was fine.


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Have you reset the router?

My old AC3200 is in use at a neighbours house and running RT-AC3200: 384.13_10 without any WiFi issues at all.

This long in the tooth model is unlikely to get much support in future , it is no longer shown on ASUS UK site , maybe time to move up to something more current.

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