RT-AC3200 - Per device traffic analyzer shows "0" for all devices in "real-time"

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I know the traffic analyzer config has been beaten to death on this forum - however, I have yet to find a fix to my issue. When looking at the "real-time" section of per device, I always get zeros across the board - even when I know certain devices are active (such as a console downloading a game, NAS serving a movie via plex, copying a large from to the NAS, etc, etc.). Things seem to tick up a bit if looking at kilobytes for the scale - however, the total always resets... I would think this would be cumulative? If looking at MB or GB it'll never get past 0.00.

I have per-ip monitoring enabled. Stats are set to be saved to a USB drive plugged into the front of the router. I've tried creating new files, etc. No errors in the logs regarding cstats. Monthly / daily seem to work fine.


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