RT-AC5300 & 5 GHz-2 Failure


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Good Evening Everyone,
I have picked up second hand a Chinese import RT-AC5300. I did not understand the problems I would be faced with when getting this. Apart from strange Chinese menu items, even when changing to English, it now seems like my 5 GHz-2 band is totally non functional. Tried on both stock firmware and Merlin with the same results;

I do not even have a MAC address showing on the 5 GHz-2 band (within Network Map / System Status / System). I have made my region set to Australia (my country) and tried shutting down 5 GHz-1 and changing 5 GHz-2 to 20, 40 , 80 & 20/40/80 MHz channel bandwidth with no success at all.

Within the channel selection menu for the 5 GHz-2 band option I do not get any change to manually select anything as shown;

However for the 5 GHz-1 band I have the following channels to select from;

Here are the Professional setting for both the 5 GHz-1 & 5 GHz-2 bands in case I have missed anything;

Just wanted to reach out to you all to see if anyone knows of a trick or method to 'jump start' the 5 GHz-2 band back into life. I have performed countless resets including trying different firmware revisions with nil success.

Thanks in advance,

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