RT-AC5300 Flash Layout

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Nick B

New Around Here
I somehow bricked my RT-AC5300 after downgrading from 384.19 to 384.18. I tried all of the suggestions from the senior members here, including all of the reset button solutions, holding down WPS button, and trying them both. I also connected an RPi to it (properly) and nothing. Holding down the reset button never results in it going into recovery mode, no matter how long I hold it down (1 hour was the longest). The fact is that two of the lights on the front of the unit are a bit dim and that leads me to believe there's hardware damage, although I find that puzzling since the issue only occurred after a downgrade.

At any rate, I'm going to attempt this procedure: https://www.experts-exchange.com/ar...er-in-2019-on-the-example-of-Asus-RT-N16.html
but there's no flash layout for the RT-AC5300 in the OpenOCD project, so I need to create one. Does anyone have the flash layout for the RT-AC5300? At this point that is all I'm looking for since yes, I have tried EVERYTHING else lol.


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