RT-AC5300 FW

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A f/w search on the ASUS website for the RT-AC5300 shows v as current, dated 04/22/20. The d/l link, however, gives a 404 not found error, and checking auto update on the router shows that from 04/15/20 is current. I'm guessing either a mistake on ASUS side, or the f/w is not up yet. I also see comments that they appear to have pulled for the RT-86U. Guess everything is a bit weird in the world these days. Anyone able to d/l 81827 for the RT-AC5300?
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i was starting to think i was hallucinating. good that somebody else saw it. looks like they pulled it.


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It's back up...as installed it, but the main feature in the update, the ability to export a valid Root Certificate for HTTPS access is broken. I've got an open support ticket with ASUS going, but so far, I've followed the directions in the FAQ from the release notes, set access to HTTPS Only, and BOTH, applied each time, and reset each time. The option to export the cert never shows up. Thus far ASUS support chat has been useless. I'm going to try again and try to elevate the request. We'll see.

UPDATE: I got the cert exported and installed. The process is NOTHING like it is detailed in the first part of the FAQ. I'll go back over the steps and update again. Bottom line, if you look at the illustration in the FAQ, it shows an "Export" button in the LAN Access options of the Admin tab. No such button exists on the RT-AC5300...at least not on mine. I stumbled on to the export option kind of by accident when I got to the sign in using DDNS sections.
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