RT-AC5300 in repeater mode randomly disconnects from parent AP


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I'm currently using my RT-AC5300 in repeater mode, where it randomly disconnects from the parent AP (tplink AX73) due to a "wrong password"(but password was never changed).I can still connect to the wifi, but I can't access the internet. To fix this, I have to rescan AP or switch my router off then on again.

I have already reset the router back to factory default multiple times, through the online GUI and by holding the WPS button while the router is turning on. My router is running on stock firmware,

- Is there a way for me to find out what's causing this issue? I have swapped my parent AP (from a RT-AC68 to a tplink ax73) but this issue still persists. Is there anything in the system log that I can keep on a look out for?

- Are there any fixes for this specific problem? Will moving to merlin firmware fix this issue? I am not familiar with merlin but I am willing to try if it is a possible fix.

Please let me know if there are any logs or files that I can collect to identify this issue.



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Welcome to the forums @tumbled0.

Why are you still running 384.xx level firmware today? I suggest updating the firmware to the current 386.xx level, fully resetting the router once more and testing further (if needed) before doing any other troubleshooting.


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Thanks for the warm welcome.

I think I'm still running 384 firmware as I recently hard reset my router due to the issues, and forgot to upgrade it again. I'll give the latest merlin firmware a shot and test further. Thanks!

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