RT-AC5300 Main Router in Mesh with ZenWifi AX Upgrade to AX-11000?

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So my AC5300 is my main router. I bought the ZenWifi AX to expand coverage. The Zen has Wifi 6 but my 5300 does not.
So, should I upgrade my 5300 to a AX-10000?

I don't have any Wifi6 clients yet, but I might with PS5 as my first one and maybe a new Iphone.

House is very long with 5300 in the upstairs and each ZenWifi on each end of the house.
Think AC5300 in the middle of an East and West ZenWifi Mesh node.

If I move to the AX-11000 would that give me a Wifi6 connection for clients?
Would my ZenWifi Wireless backhaul use Wifi6 now as well?
Should I hold out for Wifi6e?

I called Asus but 1st level support wasn't really able to answer my questions.



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Just my opinion... If you have everything working well the way it is now I would wait. The Wifi 6E capable Asus AXE-11000 will be coming out very soon in December. If you are willing to spend that much money on a new router you should see what the Wifi 6E options are available in the coming months since they are just around the corner. The 6E capability gives you the 6Ghz option in the future without having to upgrade your router again. I would go with the new AXE version but you could still decide later on a AX-11000 for less than it is now since the prices will probably come down as they always do when a newer model comes out.
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Asus AXE-11000

Two, things:

1.) Seeing as the current iteration of Aimesh uses 5.8Ghz as it's backhaul, will it be compatible with older tri-band routers? Maybe, but only using the 5Ghz channel, or going wired.

2.) Would it kill them to go back to 8 ports?

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