RT-AC66 power button dead, using tape!

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so out of the blue and untouched, the power button on my router, which is small and chintzy just like the power cord itself, no longer stays depressed. the spring pushes it out into an off position, the latch or whatever no longer works.

i have had to take a piece of plastic and duct tape it over the power button to keep the router on. this is really shoddy. first of all cheap parts cause this kind of thing. secondly, the default position should be "on" not off. thirdly, you should be able to disable the mechanical power button in firmware, and tell the firmware the router should always be on, no matter what (assuming it has power).

anyone else? can it be properly fixed without soldering or nonsense?

not a happy camper. :mad:


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thats a good idea, i'll remember that when my duct tape fails.

having said that, is it known if the problem can be worked around by firmware should the developers care to implement such a solution? i am really miffed by this, as should anyone be who spent this kind of money on a router.


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AFAIK the power button is just a simple switch which breaks or makes the power supply, and not a soft switch (input logic to a chip). Therefore it would be impossible to work around it in software.

If your router is still relatively new get it replaced under warrantee.


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idk how long the warranty lasts, but my guess is i'm no longer covered by it.

i think Asus should consider implementing my suggestions going fwd. as someone said in the other thread, another good idea would be just removing the power button altogether.


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Why bother? As little as it is needed, just pull the power plug instead. Glue the button down.


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My first ASUS router suddenly died. I was very convinced it was due to lightning and bought a new one plus a "lightning risk device" to filter any spurious AC voltages from any next new lightning. After some years, this had happened again today I thought. The router just died, sort of. I noticed when holding the power button in though, the leds got on, but disappeared when removing my finger from the power button again. It hadn't been any major lightning in the area as far as I was aware of, but you never know do you?!..... Suddenly I got an idea to check Google if someone else had experienced the same thing as I had experienced . And here I am landed at this cool forum and a the beautiful toothpick solution came to my knowledge. Thank you so much! :D And, shame to you, ASUS! :mad:


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Google quickly, buy slowly. :)

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