RT-AC66U B1 left AiMesh 2.0 permanently

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The only reason I posted this thread here is because my test routers are running Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2_4 at the moment. I know RMerlin has no control over Asus AiMesh. Here is the description of the system:

- AiMesh 2.0 wireless backhaul setup with AC86U main + AC86U node 1, AC66U node 2.
- Clean firmware installation, very basic vanilla setup, non-DFS channels, WPS on, Guest Network 1 enabled.

And the problem:
My main goal is to test AiMesh 2.0, nothing else. It was up and running well for about a week. Today I found AC66U node missing, AC86U node was online. The main router syslog shows endless logs of AC66U address + authorized, associated, disassociated because is leaving. Standard wlceventd messages, you've seen those many times. No error logs, default log level notice/debug. Rebooting the system from the AiMesh panel didn't bring AC66U node back. Rebooting the main router only, rebooting the node only - no success, same endless log messages. Resetting the AC66U node and adding it again to AIMesh was the only way to bring it back. Any clues about what could be the issue here? Thank you!
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Oh, shut... I found how to trigger the issue for both nodes. Someone to test, if possible?
1. On AiMesh panel go to node settings and disable 2.4GHz radio.
2. Reboot the entire AiMesh system from the AiMesh panel. Did your node disappear?

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